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The counselors help students develop and achieve social, academic, and career goals.

Counseling is a service primarily for students, and the information exchanged between the counselor and the student is confidential.  The counselors are not responsible for discipline, penalties, or punishment, but do help the student by consulting and working with teachers, administrators, parents, and community resources.

School counseling involves three major areas: academic, career, and general personal counseling.  Students are sometimes referred to outside agencies, including; our educational psychologist, AADAC, Child Welfare, Mental Health Services or other agencies.

Students may make their own appointment to see a counselor. When possible, appointments should be scheduled to suit the best interests of the student and the classroom teacher.  Parents who have a concern about their child are invited to call a counselor at 864-3696.  The counselors are always available in a crisis. 


Self-Help Resources

The counselors can provide the following information:

* Study Skills

* Career Interest Surveys

* Anger Management

* Occupational Profiles

* Teenagers and Grieving

* Scholarships & Student Loans

* Human Sexuality Issues

* Parent/Teenager Communication

* Post Secondary Institutions and Application Forms