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Library & Media Centre

Library Goals

  • To provide a welcoming environment.
  • To maintain a current collection of quality materials.
  • To encourage a life-long love of reading.

Selection of Library Materials

A wide variety of materials are required to meet the needs of students and staff.  As much as our budget allows, we will acquire materials that:
  • Relate to and support curriculum
  • Support students informational and recreational needs        


In selecting books and non-print material, the library assistant will consult professional selection aids.  The following sources may be consulted

  • CBE core resources
  • School Library Journal
  • Booklist
  • CM 


The following criteria may be used in selecting materials for the school library

  • Supports curriculum
  • Relevant to students informational and recreational needs
  • Appropriate reading level
  • Current content
  • Reputable author, publisher
  • Accuracy
  • Canadian content when suitable
  • Durability
  • Format


Materials purchased are suitable for K-12.

Teacher resource materials, classroom sets, and textbooks are not purchased from the library budget.

Collection Maintenance

The process of weeding the library collection is a key part of assessing the collection, as it helps keep the collection relevant, accurate, and useful. The library assistant is responsible for weeding the library collection; however, teachers and support staff may recommend removal of materials that are no longer appropriate. The library assistant will use the following guidelines when weeding the collection

  • Number of circulations and the last circulation date.
  • Relevance to curriculum or students needs/interests.
  • Inaccurate, outdated information.
  • Poor physical condition.
  • Outdated values and attitudes.
  • Condescending, stereotypical, patronizing or biased material.
  • Superseded.


Replacement of Lost or Damaged Materials

Students will be charged for materials that are damaged or not returned to the library.  This includes library materials, classroom novels, calculators, CDS, and textbooks.  Students will be charged the replacement cost of the item, GST, and shipping charges.