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School Supply Lists

2021-2022 School Supplies List

Spirit River Regional Academy

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Your teachers at Spirit River Regional Academy are excited to offer the opportunity to purchase your school supplies through School Start for the 2021/2022 school year.  This process will save you both time and money.

- Starter – consumable items 
- Additional – still required, but you may have already 
1. ONLINE: You can place your order online at Our site is best compatible with Firefox or Chrome.
2. PHONE: You can call our customer service centre at 1-800-580-1868 to place your order over the phone. 
3. ORDER FORM (for school delivery only): You can print and fill out the order form and return to our office with payment to 1317 – 43 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2A3. Please make cheques payable to School Start. Order Form Deadline: is June 17, 2020. 
OUR CALL CENTRE IS AVAILABLE if you have any issues ordering online. 1-800-580-1868 
1. The supplies will be packaged and delivered directly to your house. If you have a P.O. Box, please use your 911 address. Because the kit (s) are delivered to your home, you will have the ability to: 
- Pre-label your child’s supplies 
- Add supplies to your order for your child in another school 
2. The supplies will be packaged and delivered directly to the school in August before your child arrives, labeled with his/her name on the School Start Package.
Place orders early to be eligibile to win prizes!

A printable PDF of the lists by grade are available below:
Grade 10 – 12 School Supply List
As most high school students have figured out how they like to organize their school work, there is no specific list for these grades. To start with we would recommend the following:

- Binders
- Looseleaf Paper
- Pens (Blue or Black)
- Pencils
- Graph paper or coloured pencils depending on their class.
*Depending on what level of math students are taking, they may be required either a graphing calculator
or a scientific calculator.
*Some students prefer notebooks for taking notes. However, something to organize teacher handouts is required (binder). Some students like one binder with dividers, other prefer a binder for each subject. Ask your student how they like to organize their work.

If their teachers need something specific for their classes they will let the students know on the first day
of class.