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Scholarships & Awards

During September we have an awards ceremony to recognize students who have excelled in Academics during the previous school year.  Three times a year, after a reporting period, a mini award’s ceremony is held to recognize the ongoing academic achievements of students.  In June an achievement ceremony is held to recognize the outstanding efforts of students involved in athletics, community activities, and service to the school. The following is a partial listing of the many scholarships and bursaries available to students.


Elementary Awards

  • SRRA Most Improved Student Award


At the conclusion of each year, the student judged to have shown the greatest overall improvement is presented with this award.

  • Citizenship Award


This award is presented annually to the student showing outstanding qualities of citizenship, such as personal responsibility, respect for others and willingly giving time to assist others.

  • Katherine Rowe Award


Awarded annually to the top grade 6 Social Studies student. The student selected will be presented with an in-school plaque.

  • Kaye Imes Memorial Award


Awarded annually to Grade 3 students for outstanding achievement in language learning. The student selected will be presented with an in-school plaque.


Report Card Academic Awards (Grade 1– 12)


Honour Awards are distributed following each report card. Following is the criteria for students to be on the honour roll:


Grades 1-2: Classroom teachers will select students based on their academic progresss throughout each reporting period.


Grades 3-6: Students must receive at least 80% in three core classes and at least 70% in the fourth core class. They must also be passing all classes.


Grades 7-9: Students must have an overall average of at least 80%, with at least 80% in three of the four core courses. Students must be passing all courses.


Grades 10-12: Students must have an overall average of at least 80%. They must be enrolled in at least three courses, one of which must be an academic core. (PAVE and Distant Education courses are not eligible.)


Annual Academic Awards (Grade 7 – 12)


The Kenneth Alvin Skoworodko Excellence in Math: Jr. and Sr.


Artesian Insurance Excellence in English

SRRA Parent Council Excellence in Science: Jr. and Sr.

Excellence in Social: Jr. and Sr.

SRRA Foundation Excellence in CTS: Sr.

Spirit River Kinette Junior High Academic Award                  

Royal Canadian Legion Senior High Academic Award

SRRA Student Achievement Awards 1-12, presented by the SRRA Foundation


Grade 12 Scholarships (click links for info and application forms)


Bob Chambul Central Peace Oilman’s Association Scholarship ($500)

Jane Nicholson Scholarship ($500)


Grant Notley Scholarship (Essay - $500.)

Willie Janssen Scholarship - $500


Royal Canadian Legion Bursary (1st year college/university student)


Royal Canadian Legion Bursary (2nd/3rd/4th year college/university student)



Remax Quest for Excellence Bursary​

For more scholarships, please visit the scholarship page at the Peace Wapiti School Division website.


Provincial Academic Awards


Alexander Rutherford Scholarships (up to $2500)


National Academic Award

Governor General’s Academic Bronze Medal (Grade 12)

University of Toronto National Book Award (Grade 12)

Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation


School and Community Awards

Junior High Citizenship Award ($50)

Ernie Shultz Senior High Citizenship Award ($250)

Krasne Scholarship (Grade 7-12: Performing Arts - $200)


Annual Athletic Awards

Lucuk Award (Top Senior Athlete) $100.00

Herbert H Carnegie Future Aces Scholarship Info - 2015.pdf


Junior High Coaches’ Award (Top Junior Athlete)

Grade 7 to 12 Athletic Awards

Tom Landsman Student Coaches Award ($100.00)


Intramural Athletics Awards

Landsman Cup - Floor Hockey


Peace Wapiti School Division #76 provides a list of scholarships, their deadlines, the amount of money awarded, a brief summary of the eligibility criteria and a hotlink to their website (if they have one) so you can find out the details. The website is here.